Bishop Leon Smith, Pastor

 Leon Smith was born April 1944, the son of Elease and Ernest Smith. In the traditions of the Smith family he was educated at Booker T Washington Elementary and graduated from Rancho High, Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon demonstrating an interest in learning he attended University Of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of Nevada, Reno where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, master of Education degree, and a Master degrees in the State of Nevada as an Employment Counselor, In the early sixties, he was one of the first Head Start Teachers in Clark County, and continues his employment with the Clark County School District in Early Childhood Education and as Secondary Education teacher in T. S. Government and History. He worked with ET&G as an accountant. His employment with the Department of Prisons as a counselor and Warden of Programs allowed him the opportunity to establish a high school programs for the prison system. In 1970, having spent four years in Youth Administration with the Department of Labor, where he was a division coordinator presiding over Neighborhood Youth Corp., Work Experience for Youth, and Drug Abuse Program, he gained knowledge and experience in working with troubled youth with a focus of assigning youth to employment and higher education. In the late seventies he worked with Nevada State Employment Department as the supervisor of counseling and assessment, orientation, recruitment and on the job training, Administrative Assistant Smith was saved at the church where he is presently the pastor. He attended Cox Theological Seminary and accepted his call to ministry in the early sixties. He was ordained in 1968becoming a National Evangelist. Administrative Assistant Smith received his pastoral appointment from Bishop E. N. Webb to the New Covenant Church of God in Christ in 1976 unto the diminishing health of Sister Marilyn Smith. He continued his tireless effort of faith ministry working with the late Bishop E. N. Webb at Pentecostal Temple. He is to be commended for his exemplary and charismatic life as pastor. His giving spirit, love of the entire church body, dedication, and most especially his anointing, are acknowledged and appreciated by his entire flock at Pentecostal Temple. Administrative Assistant Smith is the Superintendent of the Las Vegas District and is a faithful service. On January 7, 1994 He was appointed pastor of Pentecostal Temple by Bishop Carruth Hall and Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford.