The people involved in our ministries are ready to help you grow personally, and enjoy the opportunities to celebrate together with your peers and family. Some people come because they enjoy the teaching and worship; others because they make new friends.



Sunday School Department

Deacon James Chapman, Advisor
Missionary Gloria Williams, Superintendant


Missionary Board

This Department is a ministry that is designed to encourage the women in their walk with Jesus Christ.

Missionary Terry Richardson, President



Music Department

The Music Department consist of the Sanctuary Choir, Adult Choir and Youth Choir.

 Elder Donald Sykes, MInister of Music
MIssionary Julia Matlock, Adult Choir President
Missionary Barbara Bowie, Vice President
Alyse HIll, Vice President
Missionary Crystal Washington, Youth Choir President
Sister Judy Johnson, Youth Choir President


Youth Department

The Youth Department consist of several ministries designed just for todays young people. The ministries are as follows: Sunshine Band, Mime Ministry, Ministry of Expressions.

Phone: 702-648-6856
Sister Crystal Washington, Ministry of Expressions Director