Bishop Clyde Carson Cox

Founder and Presiding Pastor from 1941 to 1969

Bishop Clyde Carson Cox was born in Mexia, Texas to the parents of Henry Clay and Etta Cox. A minuscule glimpse of the charismatic Bishop C. C. Cox, found of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ at 1117 “F” Street, vividly, presents the boundless expansions of his good deeds and harvest works while on earth. His gentle heartstring and infinite spiritual anointing are documented in the hearts and minds of the vast majority of pioneers who were blessed to server under his leadership. Bishop Cox attended elementary school in Oklahoma and Georgia. He graduated from high school in Barlesvile, Oklahoma. His higher education training was at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he received a Bachelor of Theology degree in 1932. At the age of 15 Bishop began his ministry and devoted his entire life to ministry. Prior to coming to Las Vegas, Nevada Bishop Cox served as Pastor in Des Moines, Iowa, Fresno, Weed Santa Barbara and Oakland, California. On December 2, 1941, Bishop Cox and his devoted wife Sweet, moved to Las Vegas where he received and appointment as Pastor of the Church of God in Christ at 1117 “F” Street. At his first service there were six members in attendance. The original church was partially constructed of cardboard. Upon remodeling the church Bishop Cox had to run a water line six blocks to the building. Bishop Cox received numerous accommodations, accolades and service awards from the Governor of the State of Nevada, civic leaders and international church officials for his exemplary work in the community and church as well.